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Historical Timeline

The following dates provide a framework for contextualizing The Great Conversation. Jeff has his students memorize these dates in the grammar stage (grades K-5).

Before Christ (BC)
c. 2050 BC Abraham offers to sacrifice Isaac
c. 1406 BC Joshua leads Jews into Promised Land
c. 1150 BC Troy falls to the Greeks
1003 BC David crowned king over all of Israel
586 BC Fall of Jerusalem; Jews exiled
c. 563 BC Buddha born
516 BC Jewish temple rebuilt under Zerubbabel
c. 460 BC Queen Esther intercedes for the Jews
445 BC Nehemiah rebuilds wall around Jerusalem
c. 427 BC Plato born
27 BC Caesar Augustus assumes power over Roman Empire
19 BC Virgil completes his Aeneid

Anno Domini (AD)
30 Christ is risen!
35 Paul’s conversion on Damascus Road
70 Fall of Jerusalem
95 Last book of the Bible written (Revelation); John dies
313 Edict of Milan legalizes Christianity in Roman Empire
325 Council of Nicea
426 Augustine finishes City of God
432 Patrick begins mission to Ireland
476 Last Roman Emperor overthrown
529 Benedict founds monastery in Monte Cassino
c. 600 Talmud formally closed
632 Mohammed finishes Koran and dies
800 Charlemagne crowned Holy Roman Emperor
1054 The Great Schism divides Eastern Orthodox from Catholicism
1066 Norman Conquest of Britain
1095 First Crusade begins
1215 King John signs Magna Carta
c. 1313 Dante finishes his Inferno
1388 John Wycliffe's English translation of the Bible distributed
1415 John Hus martyred
1453 Constantinople falls to the Turks
c. 1456 Gutenburg prints first Bible using movable type
1492 Columbus sails to America
1513 Machiavelli finishes The Prince
1517 Martin Luther posts his 95 Theses
1523 Ulrich Zwingli's First Disputation
1534 English Act of Supremacy
1536 John Calvin publishes his Institutes; William Tyndale martyred
1549 Xavier begins mission to Japan
1588 England defeats the Spanish Armada
1605 Miguel Cervantes finishes first book of Don Quijote
1608 John Smith becomes governor of Jamestown
1616 William Shakespeare dies
1620 Mayflower lands at Plymouth Rock
1642 Rene Descartes published his Meditations
1654 Blaise Pascal trusts Christ; Oliver Cromwell tells Parliament that freedom of religion is a fundamental right
1667 John Milton publishes Paradise Lost
1688 The Glorious Revolution replaces King James II with William and Mary
1739 John Wesley founds Methodism
1743 David Brainerd begins mission to American Indians
1776 Thomas efferson authors Declaration of Independence
1788 U.S. Constitution ratified
1789 French Revolution begins
1803 Lewis and Clark begin expedition to Pacific
1830 Joseph Smith writes Book of Mormon
1833 Britain frees all slaves
1838 Trail of Tears
1842 Lord Shaftesbury frees British miners
1845 Frederick Douglass publishes Narrative
1848 Marx and Engels publish the Communist Manifesto
1859 Charles Darwin publishes Origin of Species
1865 America frees all slaves
1889 Nietzsche goes insane
1901 Booker T. Washington publishes Up from Slavery
1914-1918 World War I
1917 Lenin leads the October Revolution
1925 Scopes Monkey Trial
1933 Humanist Manifesto I published
1941 Japanese attack Pearl Harbor
1942 Planned Parenthood is established
1945 Dietrich Bonhoeffer executed
1947 Jackie Robinson integrates baseball
1948 Alan Paton publishes Cry, the Beloved Country
1969 Armstrong walks on the moon
1973 Roe v. Wade legalizes abortion in America
1974 Solzhenitsyn publishes the Gulag Archipelago
1989 The Berlin Wall falls
2001 World Trade Center destroyed by terrorists