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Aesthetic Relativism at Harvard

 by Jeff Baldwin

Ready for some less-than-shocking news? Harvard University does not provide a particularly rigorous education.

What you’ve suspected for a long time has been confirmed, and not by someone preaching sour grapes because they couldn’t get into an ivy league school. The Atlantic Monthly recently featured an article entitled “The Truth About Harvard” written by alumnus Ross Douthat. Douthat cheerfully describes “the overall ease and lack of seriousness in Harvard’s undergraduate academic culture.” (more…)

Iron Sharpening Iron: Why the Socratic Method Matters So Much

 by Jeff Baldwin

Man is inherently sinful. Why does the Socratic method matter so much? See the above. Man is inherently sinful.

The specific sin I have in mind here is sloth, a sin with which I am well acquainted. Even after trusting Christ at age thirteen, I have been guilty of a great deal of laziness, especially in the classroom. To understand why I’m crazy about the Socratic method, you have to time-travel with me, back to those halcyon days in the public schools . . . (more…)

Why Christians Should Avoid Great Books Like the Plague

 by Jeff Baldwin

Recently, some evangelicals have embraced a dangerous fad: great books. Those who have the Greatest Book, the Bible, waste their time and brain cells on merely great books, expecting to engage in a “great conversation” with Christians and non-Christians alike. (more…)