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Curriculum Introduction

TheGreatBooks.com is designed to help Christian educators use the classical model to help each high school student own his or her faith as a total worldview.

If educators equip students in the grammar and logic stages, in high school these students will be ready to dive in to the great conversation. But where to begin? Most recommended reading lists say that your student should read Aristotle—but when? And what part of Aristotle’s massive body of work? Are certain translations preferable?

These questions led Worldview Academy to create TheGreatBooks.com. The core of this website is our four-year recommended reading list, beginning with ancient civilization in 9th grade and culminating with modern civilization in 12th grade. Each epoch’s list is designed for a good reader to complete the work in 36 weeks.

It goes without saying that these are merely recommendations. The point is not to coerce all Christian educators to adopt one specific reading program, but rather to empower Christian educators by setting up a standard that they may adapt to their own students’ needs. Begin with this list but don’t end with it. Use it as a launching point for considering exactly what is a must-read for your student, and what can wait.

This list should make the educator’s life easier in other ways, as well. You may find out more about specific great books by reading our reviews. You may order the recommended editions directly from this site. And now you may order specific Christian discussion guides for each work. Getting ready to teach Shakespeare? Click on Othello in the Reformation reading list and order both the book and study guide at a discount.

This is not a rigid curriculum that demands total commitment from you, the educator. Browse and think. Use our opinions and choices to spark discussion with your students, and to challenge yourself to think more deeply about what really matters. Apply your Christian faith to the great conversation! It’s time again for Christians to take the lead in education.

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