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Worldview Academy Lecture Series - Worldviews

by Worldview Academy

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Among Worldview Academy’s many excellent resources for educators is this DVD series that includes Randy Sims’s lecture entitled “Introduction to Worldviews.” This lecture is a must for students 13 and older who want to better understand worldview analysis, because Sims addresses nine key worldview concepts in a straightforward outline that is easy to follow.

One concept addressed by Sims is the simple fact that the truth bears inspection. Although many modern Christians assume that their faith is so fragile that it will shatter under close scrutiny, such a perspective ignores Christ’s true role as the fount of all wisdom and knowledge (Colossians 2:2-3). Because the God of truth loves us and chose to reveal His truth to us, Christians can delight in the pursuit of knowledge and wisdom.

Understanding this is crucial for inculcating students with a passion for education. If education is merely a game that you play until you receive your diploma, then there is certainly no reason to love studying. But if the Source of all wisdom and knowledge is the same God Who suffered and died for us, then education becomes an end rather than a means. Students will love education because it will help them more clearly know, and conform to, the image of Jesus Christ.

This is part of the significance of worldview analysis. Christians shouldn’t think hard about worldviews merely to feel smarter or to sound more impressive. Ultimately, Christian students should think hard about their faith and other faiths to draw closer to Christ by learning to love Him with their minds. Worldview analysis benefits us by enhancing our ability to defend the Christian faith, but it also benefits us by unlocking more of the riches hidden in the person of Jesus.

by Jeff Baldwin