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Worldview Academy Lecture Series - Apologetics

by Worldview Academy

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As far as atheists are concerned, the burden of proof is on us: “You say that God exists? Prove it.” Of course, they don’t believe it is possible to prove God’s existence—or for that matter, to disprove it. A claim that cannot be proven or disproved is, in their mind, meaningless. It’s just something you take on faith, and the atheist takes nothing on faith.

Or does he?

In “Blind Faith,” one of the lectures in this audio series, Jeff Baldwin challenges the assumption that believers resort to faith while atheists rely on reason. What if atheists are making faith assumptions like everyone else? The only difference is, they don’t realize it. Atheism is a “blind faith.”

What assumptions does the atheist take on faith? As Jeff pursues this question, you’ll be surprised by some of the answers. When the atheist’s worldview dismisses God, it throws out a lot more besides, with appalling consequences. The saving grace—and it really is grace—is that, while many people describe themselves as atheists, most are not consistent in their blind faith. Consistent atheism, as Jeff points out, is a one-way ticket to despair.

In the past, Christians have attempted to battle atheism while sharing its assumptions about the divide between faith and reason. We have embraced the idea that faith is irrational and atheism the “reasonable” norm. To believe in Christ, we must move beyond reason, suspend our disbelief, and make peace with the irrational. All of this comes from taking atheism at face value—something you’ll never do again after you’ve heard “Blind Faith.”

Atheism is a faith commitment complete with its own commandments and orthodoxies. In “Blind Faith,” Jeff Baldwin exposes them to the light and demonstrates their incoherence. By the end, you’ll be convinced of one thing: it takes a lot of blind faith to remain an atheist.

by J. Mark Bertrand