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Simple Tools for Brain Surgery

by Bill Jack

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Although Worldview Academy’s Bill Jack has produced a number of DVDs to train Christian students in worldviews and apologetics, Simple Tools for Brain Surgery is easily my favorite, and not just because of the catchy title.

Part of the charm of this DVD is Bill’s quirkiness—in one segment, he throws a watermelon off a cliff with obvious relish. But the main reason I love this DVD is because it’s a clear summary of Bill’s “Four Killer Questions,” which are incredibly useful for students just learning to defend their faith.

The genius of the Four Killer Questions is that they challenge others to defend what they believe. Too many young Christians assume that the whole purpose of apologetics is to defend the Christian faith—forgetting that non-Christians also need to understand that their own faiths are bankrupt. A crucial part of apologetics involves helping non-Christians to discard the false assumptions they’ve embraced.

To achieve this, it’s very helpful to ask hard questions like, “How do you know?” and “What if you’re wrong?” This basic introduction to epistemology encourages people to consider that relying on God to reveal Himself to man might be the wisest way to pursue knowledge and wisdom.

This is true in theory and also in practice. Simple Tools for Brain Surgery includes a fantastic segment in which Bill discusses ethics with a leader from the American Humanist Association. Using the Four Killer Questions (and probably some inspiration from the Holy Spirit), Bill coaxes the Humanist to quickly reveal how confused he is about the source for morality. At one point, in desperation, the Humanist even references the Ten Commandments as the foundation for ethics!

Every student can see just how inconsistent Humanism is when they watch this friendly discussion. What’s more, they can see that discussing your faith with a non-Christian isn’t rocket science (or, if you’ll pardon the expression, brain surgery). Simple Tools for Brain Surgery makes defending the Christian faith practical and attainable.

by Jeff Baldwin