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Grand Illusions

by George Grant
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When abortion finally is seen for what it is, and future generations look back on our age incredulously, unable to believe that we could be so hardened to sin, one of the unsung heroes of the battle to save lives will be George Grant.

Just as our generation recoils in horror at the thought of slavery, but never pauses to consider that it was the biblical argument articulated by unknown men like John Woolman that led to the abolition of slavery, so in another time will everyone recoil at the willingness of adults to take lives just because the lives were small and inconvenient, while forgetting the names of the men and women who made the biblical case and turned the tide of public opinion. Woolman, with his words and with his life, consistently condemned slavery. Grant, with his words and with his life, consistently condemns abortion.

This book, Grand Illusions, is a direct attack on the abortion industry, and specifically the world’s largest abortion provider, Planned Parenthood. Thankfully, Grand Illusions is not only true, but also well-researched and well-written. As dark as the origins of Planned Parenthood are, and as heinous as the abortion industry currently is, it would be easy for Grant to slip into pulpit-thumping and foaming as he makes his point. Instead, he shows admirable restraint, painting a damning picture while resisting the temptation to become shrill.

He resists this temptation, I believe, because he understands that God is ultimately in control, and because he knows that men are persuaded by integrity and love and not by finger-pointing. He says as much when he tells pro-lifers: “Our picketing is essential. Our lobbying is crucial. Our education is vital. Our voting is imperative. Our activism is momentous. But if we are ever to effectively expose and confront evil, we must develop and demonstrate Godly character.”

by Jeff Baldwin